Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Who can apply?
Any person (of reproductive age) for themselves or for a friend or family member who meets the criteria.

Do I need to get a physician’s approval or recommendation or referral?

How often and how many grants are awarded?
Grants are awarded periodically through out the year until funds have been exhausted. Funding is provided by generous corporate and individual donations.

Is there a time use limit for each grant?
Once grant money has been awarded, patient treatment must begin with in 45 days and will be valid for the length of the prescribed fertility plan.

Is income a consideration in grant awarding?

Will medical insurance coverage pay for any treatments?
Insurance coverage is dependent on your specific insurance carrier and the type of plan you have. If you are a qualified candidate, bring all your insurance information to your initial evaluation for verification for any possible coverage.

Must applicants be U.S. citizens?
No, we do not discriminate, any person may apply.

Do I have to be married or with a male partner?

Can a single person still apply for the grant?

Can I use my medical insurance to pay for any treatments?
Yes, however each insurance company has its own criteria as to what and how much may be covered.

If I am awarded a grant, who will receive the money?
All grant funds will be paid directly to the functional medicine practice for exclusive fertility treatments only, no cash or money will be paid to the grant recipient.

What is the “Reproductive Natural Functional Medicine Committee” (RNFMC)?
The Reproductive Natural Functional Medicine Committee (RNFMC), is a group of caring and dedicated functional medical professionals that want to help individuals and couples build their family, and to provide as many people as possible grants to ease the financial stress that many couples experience.

What costs are covered by the grant?
The grant money can be used toward any of the needed fertility treatment programs, products and services provided by each member clinic. Depending on the amount of grant money awarded, it may NOT cover all costs associated with the patient’s treatment program.

How many grants will be awarded per year?
The number of grants awarded annually varies and is dependent on fund availability.

Are any drugs or medications covered by the grant awards?

What if I already have children, can I still apply?

If I am in need of an IVF cycle, with or without a surrogate to carry the pregnancy, may I apply for the grant?
Yes, however any potential treatments would be to treat the female intending to carry a full term healthy pregnancy and DO NOT cover any IVF or other invasive treatments.

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